Studio Policies

The following are the policies by which Piano Ecademy offers online private piano lessons from 2020 onwards. Please read through this document carefully, as it contains relevant information about the lesson agreement. For any questions, contact the teacher to discuss. 

1. Policy agreement and amendments

Piano Ecademy reserves the right to amend their policies at any time. By registering for lessons, the students declare they agree with the policies in place. 

2. Policy Version Control

The latest policy can be found online https://pianoecademy.mymusicstaff.com.

3. Teacher responsibilities

The teacher will provide a musically holistic education tailored to the student’s goals and aspiration to the best of her ability. The teacher will plan ahead and prepare for the lessons and leave notes for the students to refer back to with regards to practice requirements via the MyMusicStaff student portal OR via the Better Practice App.

The preferred lesson delivery method is via Zoom. If the lesson is conducted via Zoom, students are to use the meeting link to connect to the lesson at least 5 minutes before the allocated lesson time. If the student fails to activate the link in the first 10 minutes of the lesson time, the lesson will be considered forfeited.

If the lesson is to be conducted over Skype, the teacher will initiate lesson contact at the agreed-upon lesson time or between this time and 10 minutes after that via Skype chat or email.  If the student cannot be contacted through Skype or does not respond via email or chat in the first 10 lesson minutes, the lesson will be considered forfeited. 

4. Student responsibilities

Students are responsible for cancelling and rescheduling lessons in a timely fashion. Please see section 7 below. They are to be ready for their lesson at least 5 (five) minutes prior to the booked lesson time. If using Skype, students will not initiate contact unless requested to do so by the teacher, as this may cause both parties to miss one another.

Students should have an instrument to practice on, preferably a good quality acoustic piano or a digital piano with weighted keys. Keyboards with un-weighted keys are unfortunately not appropriate for learning and can instil bad habits. The teacher is happy to help any student choosing an appropriate instrument!

Students also ensure that their Internet connection is constant and able to support online music lessons. Piano Ecademy recommends a minimum download speed of 10 MB/s and a minimum upload speed of 5 MB/s, but the higher the plan, the better. Students shall ensure they have full use of their Internet connection at the time of their lesson. Request house members to refrain from using any streaming service (YouTube, Netflix etc.) or similar bandwidth consuming activities, as this may affect the internet capacity. 

Students must be equipped with a video and sound enabled laptop, computer or tablet during the lesson. A mobile phone is not acceptable, as the screen is too small to see teacher demonstrations clearly. Students will also have headphones available in case software echoes or feedback occur.

5. Studio calendar and lesson slots

Piano   Ecademy will provide a lesson calendar for students to access and utilise when rebooking lessons as set out in the rescheduling policy in Section 7. The teacher reserves the right to close off any days unavailable for lessons due to leave or other engagements. 

Please note that the teacher makes no promise of makeup slots availability at any given time. Students accept that the booking of makeup slots happens on a first come, first serve basis. Students also agree that when they re-schedule their lesson, their allocated time slot converts to a makeup slot bookable by other students. As such, the original student may not be able to reclaim that slot if someone else has booked it.

Special note regarding lesson times and time zones: students living in an area with a different time zone from the teacher (AWST) are cautioned that their lesson times may change throughout the year. Lesson slots are allocated using Perth Time (AWST). This time zone does NOT observe Daylight Savings so that the actual lesson time may move up or back an hour depending on student’s place of residence. Students can view the studio calendar in their time zone to see what time their lesson is. Student reminder emails will also display students’ local time. 

6. Tuition costs and payment

Tuition includes:

  • One-on-one teaching and coaching - this consists of all time spent with the student in lessons, performances and any other activities 
  • Software license for the student portal and the Better Practice app
  • Preparation time– lesson planning and preparation, including sourcing materials, practising student repertoire and similar activities
  • Business Administration- to ensure the business aspects run smoothly, which include bookkeeping and accounting fees, student communications but also marketing and website maintenance
  • Teacher training & experience 
  • Professional organisations and memberships
  • Studio expenses- this includes sheet music, teaching software and hardware, instrument maintenance, repairs...
  • Government taxes, licenses and insurances
  • Ongoing professional education – to ensure the highest quality lessons and innovative teaching, ongoing professional development is required

Annual studio registration is spread equally throughout 12 months and charged each month in advance. This monthly payment guarantees each student's place in the studio.

The annual registration amount is divided evenly between 12 months. This means that whether there are 5 or 0 lessons in that month, the tuition fee is exactly the same. Weekly students are allocated 40 lessons per 12 months; fortnightly students get 20 lessons per 12 months.

Monthly studio registration in 2020 is $275AUD for weekly lessons and $165AUD for fortnightly lessons.

Students will set up an automatic debit each month with Credit Card through My Music Studio software, using secure payment processing software Stripe.

All prices in AUD. Prices are revised regularly; please contact the teacher for the latest prices. All purchases are final. 

7. Rescheduling lessons

As part of the studio offering, Piano Ecademy provides students with the ability to reschedule lessons themselves, according to the availability of dedicated makeup lesson slots in the studio calendar. There is a 24 hours cancellation policy effective in the studio, meaning any lessons cancelled with less than 24 hours' notice will not be made up.

If students cannot make their allocated lesson time, they can reschedule up to 24 hours in advance by using the MyMusicStaff Student portal. After this time, students may be able to reschedule depending on circumstances and only by the discretion of the teacher. Students should contact the teacher ASAP via the student portal if they cannot make their scheduled lesson and have less than 24 hours of notice left.

Students are to log in and select the lesson slot they wish to reschedule in the studio calendar, cancel the lesson and use the makeup credit to book an available makeup slot. 

Makeup credits will only remain valid for 30 days and are non-refundable.

8. No shows

If a student does not show up for a lesson (i.e. contact cannot be established in a reasonable time frame at the time of lesson commencement, as set out in section 3 of this document), the lesson will be considered forfeited, and no makeup credits will be issued.

9. Teacher Cancellation

Should the teacher need to cancel for any reason, affected students will receive a makeup credit regardless of the number of unused makeup credits they have in their account. 

10. Discontinuation of lessons

If the student wishes to discontinue lessons they must provide notice by email. Students will continue to receive the lessons they've paid for until the end of the monthly cycle when the termination will take effect. Refunds will not be issued. 

11. Technology policy

The studio will endeavour to provide consistent quality in video and sound, using software and equipment appropriate for the lesson. In the case of technology failure on either the teacher or the student side (power failure, internet failure etc.) the following will happen:

  • If the lesson cannot be continued and/or the quality of teaching* is affected PRIOR of the 31 st  minute of the scheduled lesson time, lesson credit will be returned to the student, and they can book a replacement lesson
  • If the lesson cannot be continued and/or the quality of teaching* is affected AFTER the 31 st  minute of the scheduled lesson time, the lesson will be considered completed. 

*quality of teaching as determined by the teacher

12. Communication and getting in touch

Students will receive a login for the student portal upon receipt of first payment. Students will preferably use the student portal for all communications with the teacher. Alternatively, they may email directly via info@pianoecademy.com. In emergencies only, the teacher may be reached via phone at +61415462400.